Relocating to Your New Home

Closing Countdown

Making the last days before the closing as stress-free as possible for all parties will work to ensure a smooth closing.

Note: Give written notice to your landlord only once the settlement date has been set by the Lender and Title Company.

Moving Checklist

The trauma of moving can be an added stress for buyers and sellers. Offer this advice to make things calmer before closing.

1. Weed out items you won’t be moving; hold a garage sale or donate them to charity.

2. Get estimates from moving companies. (see below)

3. Make a list of people and organizations—credit cards, magazines, college alumni associations—that will need to be notified of the move.

4. Look at schools and day care facilities in new area. Forward school records.

5. Complete change-of-address forms.

6. Contact doctors and ask for referrals if you’re moving to a new city. Forward medical records.

7. Check homeowners’ policy to see if possessions are covered during the move.

8. Decide how you’ll move valuables.

9. Get information on driver's license, insurance policy, license plates, and auto stickers if you’re moving to a new city.

*10. After closing, GO TO YOUR NEW HOME AND CHANGE THE LOCKS!  If you are not moving in right away, leave the hall light on, and plug in a radio, so the home seems occupied.

Contact utility companies—gas and electric— Pepco 202 833-7500;  Washington Gas 703 750-1000. Water goes with the property. 

11. Register with an Internet service provider. - Comcast Cable 202 635-5100,  Verizon  301 954-6260, 
12. Contact phone service—see if your long distance, cellular, and pager carriers operate in the area. Verizon 301 954-6260, Comcast 202 635-5100

13. Contact satellite and cable TV providers. - Comcast Cable 202 635-5100,  Direct TV 1 800 630-5795

14. Empty and defrost refrigerator.

15. Map out driving route to work.

TIP: Pack one or two boxes of must-haves—children’s toys, toilet articles and towels, can opener, flashlight, light bulbs, paper plates and cups—and carry it with you so you can find it fast after the move.

Online Moving Sites

Tips of Handling Moving Trauma

Many people manage the physical details of a move well, but falter with the emotional issues, according to Arlene Alpert, a psychotherapist and author of Moving Without Madness: A Guide to Handling the Stresses and Emotions of Moving.

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